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Members throwing on the lanes at Axylum UK

Here at Axylum UK we are all about mental health, community and supporting one another, while at the same time having a great time socially throwing sharp axes.


Maws - Senior Axe Therapist holding his winners trophy - About AxylumUK


Senior Axe Therapist (Instructor)

Mark (MAWS) is the founder and co-owner of Axylum.
Mark has been Axe Throwing for over 4 years now and has worked at 2 other Axe Throwing venues as an Axe Throwing Instructor.
He is our main instructor, Outpatients (Social Throws) will mainly be run by him and all of our 1-1 Therapy sessions and Small Group sessions aka Maw Axe Time are run by Mark, where he will teach techniques to help you throw like a pro, he’s taught stunt men and disabled, if you want to sink that axe into the board he’ll get you there. His passion for axe throwing is insane.
Mark has taken part in many league competitions through the IATF and plans on taking part in many more through Axylum UK and Axylum UK on Tour.
Mark has suffered with mental health problems due to stress and a on going health condition, axe throwing is his therapy and this is how Axylum has been born.
“He’s Mental about Axe Throwing!”

TJAW Trainee axe therapist sitting in a tiny car - About AxylumUK


Trainee Axe Therapist (Instructor)

Tyler (TJAW) is Our Trainee Axe Therapist, he is Mark’s (MAWS) Son and his Mini Me, although he has thrown a few times and Mark and him love finding new objects to sink in the boards, he hasn’t been in a league yet but would like to soon.
When he’s not working you can usually find him with his head under a car bonnet.

Axiliary Nurse picture - About AxylumUK

Princess Poppy

Axiliary Nurse (Social Media & Reception)

I suppose best introduce myself.
I’m Zoe, Mark’s @maw_axe_time Wife.
I’m generally the person you’ll be dealing with via social media (although the others will occasionally be on here)
I actually don’t compete in Axe Throwing due to my health but can get the bulls eyes (I’m not brave enough to try and get a clutch lol) from Marks expert tuition and his lighter weight axe (personally I think we need to do a league for us folk that struggle with the weight of a standard axe, as I’m sure it’s not just me) Trun my own business so won’t be at @axylumuk all the time but when I am I’ll be an Axillary Nurse on the Reception.
I’ve been told I need an Axe Name as everyone else has one so I suppose l’m Princess Poppy (the Trolls) this is what Mark calls me as I have pink hair and 99% of the time I’m a positivity pusher! ( He’s probably sick to death of me saying Inhale the positivity, “exhale the negativity”
As you can see I also love to play around editing photos on apps and my music taste is totally different to my positive vibes




CIGS, one of the Axylum UK members



My Name is Rich (CIGS), I started axe throwing as a bit of therapy and got hooked from there a few sessions in. Outside of this I’m a metal head and into gaming and skating (no matter how many injuries I sustain through it) 😂 Seriously, come down, have a throw, meet some people and lets get mental together!

Kratos, picture adapted to look like Kratos (Gof of War)



Hi I’m Connor, axe name Kratos (big god of war fan and naturally he throws an axe!).

I haven’t been throwing as long as some of the other members but in the time I have I’ve quickly fallen in love with the sport and community. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive, whether it be letting you try different axes or little pointers to help improve your game/throw especially Maws the venue owner.

Currently I throw a custom Damascus steel hatchet for bulls and a King of diamonds for clutches. My proudest axe throwing achievement to date would be making 3rd place in my first ever league



My Name is Dom (PENDRAGON) and I’m MAWS partner in this escapade! I started in September 2022, when Hayley and I had a social throw with MAWS, then 1 to 1 sessions & leagues. At this point we were hooked, we love axes, any sharp things in general and want to be part of this amazing community for many years. This is a sport that all can participate, big, small, young or old, tall or short (cough cough), or what ever sex you are. There are no limitations! Plus it’s quite nice in this online World to actually socialise face to face and with the social anxiety I admit I suffer from, it helps me relax!
Downtime I enjoy Lego, Star Wars being my preferred choice, online gaming and to keep my brain occupied, this website is a start but anything made on my laser cutter.

Hayley aka Queeen Bee throwing an axe



My name is Hayley (Queen Bee) started Axe throwing in Sept 2022, where I had a social throw with MAWS, he got me hooked and now I love the sport. My plan is to win leagues in the UK (I’m up to 2) and one day play in Canada at the IATC finals and support women to grow stronger in this amazing sport, while having fun along the way, making friends and socialising where possible. I’m Pendragon’s wife (oh the joys!), who puts up with his crazy habits, but most of all I join him on his axe throwing journey. I love that this sport allows women to fight on the same field as men. I enjoy throwing sharp axes and my personal collection seems to grow weekly (you can never have enough sharp things in case hubby annoys you!)