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*Anyone under the influence of alcohol or anyone assumed to be will not be allowed in the Axylum. Sorry but for your safety and the safety of others the Axylum is an Alcohol Free Zone.
*No Open toe shoes, we want you to leave with the same amount of toes that you came with. Axes are sharp and sometimes they bounce back.
*Be aware of other throwers at all times, DO NOT fetch your axe until your opponent has thrown theirs, then fetch your axes together.
*Listen to your Axe Therapist on how to throw not the other Outpatients.
*No negativity and politics at the Axylum, we want it to be a place of positivity and determination.
*As soon as you come to Axylum UK and throw you aren’t called by your real name so think of what you want your Axe Name to be because that is what your Axe Therapist will call you;
Axe Therapist Mark = Maws
Axillary Nurse  = Princess Poppy
*We want to know you’ve had a good experience here, so please shout about it and leave us a review on Tripadvisor and Google please or social media and tag Axylum UK. However, if you have had a bad experience please let us know as we would like to change it for you.

Yes, buses run to Barwell from Hinckley and Nuneaton and they both have train stations.

If your friend, family member has thrown before either with us or one of the other IATF venues then yes, we now have a day patient pass that allows non members to throw. However, it is slightly more expensive at £20 (our Inpatients  have to have some perks).

Please ensure your clothing and footwear are practical for Axe Throwing, you will be bending over to pick an axe up off the floor when you don’t get it in the board. You are also throwing a sharp object so no open toe shoes (as stated in our rules). Please also remove anything that will get in the way of throwing as we don’t want you to get tangled and have an accident.

We can take both cash and card.

Please contact us to discuss your disability, as everyone is different and we need to understand how your disability affects you.

Unfortunately not, your enjoyment and safety is our priority. To ensure you have the best experience we limit the numbers to 8. If you have more than that we may be able to provide as second therapist and play over two lanes next to each other.
However, please contact before you book to discuss options.

Please contact us to discuss ages before booking, some are far to little to manage it, our age is 12+. However, we maybe able to accommodate slightly younger. Any children that are too young are welcome to sit in the reception area with an adult to watch them.

We have no parking in our entrance and we ask that you DON’T park in the flats opposite. However, on street parking is free and behind our building is a large car park that customers can use in the evenings and weekends free.
There is never a problem parking in the area.

Yes, we have a selection of drinks, chocolate and crisps available.

Unfortunately, we are on the first floor. The playing area is all on one level with lots of access for wheelchairs, but we do have steps to the main door. This is two flights with a level surface half way up.
Please visit prior to booking if you wish to check access beforehand and we are happy to discuss options.

Please contact the venue directly to discuss details, thank you.

Yes, yes, yes and ummm yes.
I know, I don’t know how we do it either and I have to write the website. We are about mental health, supporting the axe community and working together to make this an amazing environment. Come down, socialise and throw some axes 🙂