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2nd Axylum UK Sunday Standard Sprint

Sunday 26th of November 2023
League Play

Sunday 26th of November 2023


League starts at 1pm

2nd Standard Sprint Official IATF League!
What’s a league?
Well it’s 28 games played over 4 weeks with playoffs & finals on fourth Week
It’s competitive but a hell of a lot of fun!!
Drop in & see what it’s all about, must have thrown before at a reputable venue before signing up……try it you might like it!!
This league is a standard league with standard league rules
Week 1 and 2, 26th November 2023
Week 3 & 4, 3rd December 2023
Week 5 & 6, 10th December 2023
missed weeks 17th, 24th, 31st December 🙂
Week 7 and Playoffs, 7th January 2024

Payable weekly at £20 per week plus IATF registration at £10, payable at Axylum UK

or with 10% discount if paid in full in advance before 19th November 2023 (after this you will need to pay at the venue)

Please email after you book book with  confirmation of name and your axescores email for axe scores.

Contact for more info.
Call 01455 648299 or email
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In addition, we are offering 20% of the second league once in the first.
This will mean the second league will be discounted by 30%!
As both will be sprint leagues and run on a Sunday it will save fuel travelling twice and we understand times are tough.
But a great opportunity to get some axe throwing practice in with two leagues.
If you want to partake in this offer online then book your first league, contact us and we will give you a code for 20% off the second league.
Or book while at the venue.
You can pay weekly and still get 20% off second league but unfortunately not the extra 10% for paying in advance.



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