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Social Throw

Axylum UK members throwing

1 1/2 hours of
Social Axe Throwing

Being an Outpatient, his is our Social Throw at Axylum UK, where you will have up to an hour and a half session for £20.

You will start off with a safety speech from our fully trained Axe Therapist and taught a couple of types of throws, two handed and one handed.

After you have learnt your new skills they will be put to the test in some matches against each other and axe-citing games.

But who will be the ultimate winner, even for fun there has to be a forfeit… but what will it be?

Social throws (outpatients visits) are mixed groups of up to 8 people.

Our trained Axe Therapist will be with you the whole session.

Once you have enjoyed your first Outpatients session, maybe you would consider becoming an Inpatient (Member), this is where like minded axe individuals meet to challange each other in leagues.

Members Area (Inpatients)

Book Your
Axe Throwing Session

Enter your details here to book your Outpatient’s Session (Social Throw) with our Axe Therapist (Instructor)

Book our Social Throw, an hour and a half session for £20.

You may be on a lane with other groups but no more than 8 people per lane.

Please contact the venue direct for larger group availability.